The following are not the totality of all the tutors we have on our platform but a simple sample of what we have on offer for you should you choose to register with us:

Timothy Beckly

Finance lecturer

Timothy is a masters and PhD holder in Banking and Finance from the Oxford Business School where he was a teaching assistant before he obtained his masters and doctorate. He later lectured at the Imperial Business College where he consistently scored top marks in lecturer rankings in the school. He is well published, having written a plethora of articles which have been published in the Business Digest amongst many other notable journals. He is currently a former Vice President at Goldman Sachs.

Erica Hommyo

Economics & Insurance Lecturer

Erica is a research fellow at Cambridge University College, a lecturer with Manchester University and a Professor at Robert Gordon University. She is a holder of a PhD alongside a certified teaching professional (PGCertHE). She is the first woman to have been awarded the exclusive teaching excellence award three times consecutively at the LSE. She has lectured and taught on fifteen separate courses across four University campuses in London and North America. She currently has seven publications to her name.

Tunde Daniels

Quantitative Finance Lecturer

Tender is a Professor of Financial Econometrics and a masters holder in Quantitative Analysis from the Queen Mary University Canada. He also has a BA in from Oxford University. He is a seasoned programmer, with a forte in Matlab, Python, MQl4 including C++ and carries on consultancy services for hedge funds and investment bankers. He is a specialist at every level of Quantitative Analysis, Finance, Mathematics, Economics, and Programming. He has previously worked for Morgan Stanley.

Yasmin Grayte

Statistic Lecturer

With over twenty years of teaching experience under her belt, alongside tutoring experience across the world, Jamie combines her years as a specialist statistician who has been independently contracted by different government's including the United States and Israel. She is purist when it comes to statistics having graduated from the University of Tel Aviv winning a myriad of prizes and awards including two Dean Prize.

Bishop Jaled

Research Methods Specialist

Bishop is a PhD holder in Psychiatric Epidemiology with vast experience carrying out extensive research while juggling that with a teaching position at two of the best medical schools in the UK. He is also a proud publisher of twelve articles.