We offer over 85 courses which are excellently taught by our tutors. So far the course exists, we teach it. Our tutors are very adept at what they do and our performance ratings do all the talking for us. These are a few courses we have available:


We give private, general, and Skype lectures on architecture. Our tutors in this subject have the experience in the field and having been giving tutorials to students over the years. They have worked with different kinds of students on different stages of the University process. You can contact us for free trial and we would provide you the best architectural tutor that suits you perfectly.

Business Management

We give excellent lectures on business management. Our professionals in this course have a wealth of experience managing businesses. They are also lecturers with high academic achievements in their respective field. They have assisted students of all levels achieve their aim of being reputable business managers and many of our students now work in top tier companies today. Are you interested in a business management tutorship? Feel at ease to use the contact forms below and we will do the rest.

Chemical Engineering

Why wallow in silence when you can ace your chemical engineering exams?

Our tutors will give you private tuitions that are very comprehensive and easily understood. Our chemical engineering professionals are made up of academicians from various top universities in the UK and Asia. We have two professionals from the prestigious Changi University on our books. Should you want to ace your exams or bulk up on knowledge, there are no better tutors to consider than us. Give us a call today. We would love to hear from you.


Our economic professionals are quite dedicated to their jobs. They consist of lecturers, renowned academics, and real time economists working for top tier companies. We make sure you understand every theory while mastering every technique which may come in handy in your exams. Our business is to make sure you succeed in your chosen course while having the knowledge to make a breakthrough in your career.

Human resources

This is your once in a lifetime opportunity to learn HR management with the best tutors in the game. Our human resource professionals have all the knowledge and skill required for you to stake your claim at the very top of your class.

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We are among the best in what we do. This is a fact. Our records speak for us in the milestones we have achieved. Over the years we have taught thousands of students to be better than their limitations; to be stronger and smarter.

Our tutors have made great strides in their fields all culminating into the crystallization of this knowledge for you to learn from. We know sometimes there are skeptics who doubt what they cannot see. That is why we offer you a sample.

After you register with us, you are welcome to have a free trial lasting three tutorial days. Should you feel our professionals are not up to standard, you are free to discontinue our service without charge. That is just how confident we are in our ability. We have had students who used our services who have become tutors in our program. Incredible but true. We cover all the bases. We give you tutorials based on current standards. We are the forefront of the private tutorship industry. Finally we are the pioneers who work hard for your success.

So what are you waiting for? Contact us right now and a trial will change your life.