We have in our stable home and private tutors that will register you for a course. It all depends on your needs. You can choose to browse through our website to see all the tutors currently available. Based on this information, the guardian, parent, or tutee can choose the tutor they want or the ones they can afford.

How to Book

You can use our internal search engine above to find a personal tutor within your location. For group tutors, you can check to see if a tutor is taking subjects which fall within your interest and join the group. To find tutors close to you, enter your information details on the search engine and an information list of the nearest available tutor for your subject will be made immediately available. For better clarification and convenience, follow these steps:

  1. Locate a personal tutor in your area by entering your information details which include; your name, phone number, your course subject, and stage of study.

  2. Peruse through our comprehensive list of private and general tutors to select a tutor suitable for you.

  3. Register your mail address to reach out to us and we will contact the tutor on your behalf immediately.


Consecutive Bookings of more than a month is 22/per hour

Group tutorials of more than a person is 45/per hour

Skype lessons and webinars of one month is 19/ per hour.


There are bonuses available for our loyal students. Should you refer another student to us, you get an additional one hour of free tutorial lessons without any extra or hidden charges.


All our tutors are excellent in their field of study and have requisite experience. We run background checks and contact their institutions to verify they have the qualifications they possess.