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This weekend my mum forwarded me the news about the senior HSBC worker Bindi Dhanji, caught stealing almost £120,000 from pensioners’ accounts and due to be sentenced a few weeks ago, who committed suicide together with her husband Kishore. Both were found hanging from a bridge near Staples Corner on the North Circular Road, in London.

Kishore Dhanji was my childhood friend. We went to the same primary school and for a couple of years of secondary school before we gradually lost touch. He lived two streets away from me, and with his cousin who lived on my road and a few other friends — all within two minutes walk of each other — we played in and around each others’ houses for several years. We explored the trees around the reservoir at the Welsh Harp Park; we discovered Mario Brothers on the Nintendo and WWF Wrestling on the telly.

We rode our BMX bikes everywhere, and were once chased by a group of older boys intent on stealing our wheels. We ducked into Hendon Police Station and a friendly policeman gave us an escort back to our houses, us on our bikes and he on a big grey-and-white policehorse.

I haven’t seen or heard from Kishore for about twenty years, and I have no idea what happened in those intervening years. But I spent a few hours last night thinking about those childhood days, and it’s upsetting to think that someone I spent so many fun hours with could have been driven, for whatever reason, to hang himself from a bridge with his wife, just a few hundred metres from where we played as children.

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2010 / 04 / 11 – 18:23

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sarcozona | 2010 / 04 / 11 – 22:57

This is a tragic story, but I think it is good that you knew Kishore Dhanji and can share such good memories of him.


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