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Welcome to Fuddland

This is the weblog of David. For three years he lived in east China and taught English while attempting to learn their language in return. He now lives in west China, working for an NGO in a land of GONGOs.

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Latest images from my Flickr 'stream

  1. Laolongtou (Old Dragon Head)
  2. Concert Hall, Tianjin
  3. Edison phonograph at the Astor Hotel
  4. Edison phonograph at the Astor Hotel
  5. Astor Hotel by night
  6. 1863 lobby at the Astor Hotel, Tianjin
  7. Astor Hotel, Tianjin
  8. Astor Hotel, Tianjin
  9. Lanterns in the Black Bamboo Gardens, Beijing
  10. The view from Borobudur
  11. Borobudur
  12. [Untitled]
  13. [Untitled]
  14. [Untitled]
  15. [Untitled]

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